Human Resources

PCSC1 currently has 56 officers and employees in comparison to 6 people from the first day. All the staffs are graduated from the famous and prestigious national and international universities. During working, the staffs also join the advanced training classes and take part in different designing, bidding and consulting projects with international partners in the electricity consulting area. As a result, the PCSC1 staffs can work under the international standards and meet all the requirements of the investors about engineering, economic efficiency and project progress.

Mr Nguyen Duc Toan

Director - Master of Electrical Engineering


Servey and design the transmission lines for power line projects with voltage up to 220kV and underground cable area.


Conduct the surveys and designed the substations with voltage up to 220kV with the diversity in size and nature.


Carry out planning, making reports according to company regulations, do the market work; Make the total investment; Analyze the economic and financial and work cost estimates; Do tender work; Make payment acceptance.


Perform the company's financial and accounting work; Prepare projects' business plans; Performe the recovery of payment capital.


Perform the administrative work; Manage the company assets; Manage the work of abiding by labor regulations; training and personnel.

PCSC1 Equipments

The company invests the professional and advanced calculation software for surveying, designing and estimating that meet the international standards.

PCSC1 is a modern working environment with the latest equipments. The survey equipments includes high-precision machines, especially FLYCAM technology is applied in the survey process to ensure practicality as well as visualization of topographical survey and design consultancy. In particular, the company is initially giving BIM technology into power line and substation design projects.